New game’s name for CubeShooter

My new game’s name is now “Advance” !

I have added ripple effects for explosions with 2D sprite’s shader effect.

Now procedural world is generated at start of the level not while game play.

I have a lots of code clean up and optimizations to do … I’m waiting for netCore 2.0 for ARM to do more Raspberry Pi tests. And see if need to switch to C++ …

So I need a voxel artist and a musician  too !




Voxels destruction

I started a physics engine in order to manage the game level destruction. The impact of player’s missiles generate a hole in world created by boolean operation with a sphere. Then for each not empty voxels at the surface of the sphere, I generate a debris. Each debris are managed as a particle with a velocity, a time of life and a numbers of bounces with the environment.